Thursday, 17 January 2013

going natural

Some of you that follow me on twitter @tieona_venessa may already know that im going all natural with my hair YES! you reed it right i will be growing out my hair so no more shaving or dying especially no relaxing for me no more.

yes i know some of ya'll thinking there is no way she is going to las but i promise you it has been something i wanted to to do for a while but just didn't have the courage, but i thought im not getting any younger so why not. but i will be wearing protective styles so don't get alarmed when you see me post pics of me in weave etc 

because im now just going though that stage where its just a lil baby fro im currently wearing one of my favourite wig many of you know i own alot of those ha but yeah. 

yesterday i meet up with a few friends that i haven't seen in a while, these two are my fierce bunch love them to bits their wardrobe forever amaze me.

Puss Puss

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