Thursday, 24 January 2013


New Shoe Alert!!

so i don't know if you guys have notice but i have a obsession with shoes especially heels, its like my crazy drug. i will do a post of all my heels one day so until that day lets just enjoy these new beauts i got from office and they are off course by Jeffery Campbell. they are true to size but thing they will still need a lil break in just before you decide to go long hours in them.

Oh and yes like i have mention in pervious post i am growing my real hair out and i did warn you not to be alarmed that i will me wearing protective styles this is just that in case you was wondering.

wearing: coat: vintage, t-shirt: brashy couture, jeans: american apparel, scarf: h&m, bag: zara, shoes: Jeffery Campbell

Puss Puss

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